Invisible Mandelas

June 28, 2016

I worked as Sound Recordist/Camera 2 on this documentary about the inspirational charity Peace Brigades International, and the work they do supporting Human Rights Defenders.

Building a shielded XLR cable

January 16, 2016

Photo 16-01-2016, 15 59 45

Recently I did a shoot in a studio for some interviews as online content for a magazine. I had some issues with electrical interference which I think was caused by the lights inducing interference on my microphone cables. In the event it wasn’t a problem, as the shots in use were too wide to boom, so my wireless mics came to the rescue.  However, I wanted to have a solution for this problem in future, and after a little research I wanted a 5 meter Starquad cable with Neutrik EMC XLR connectors.  I couldn’t find one of these readymade, so I went about making one. Continue reading

Anthèmes 2

March 21, 2015

At the end of February, I had the privilege of performing in a concert organised to celebrate Pierre Boulez’s 90th birthday.

The concert was organised by MOOT as a part of a series of concerts for the Brighton Science Festival. I previously performed with MOOT in 2013 when Intimate Voices performed Stockhausen’s Stimmung at the Brighton Fringe.  Continue reading

The Polling Station shortlisted at Fastnet

May 29, 2014

Bleak Paradise is a 50-min film by director Helen Selka.  It traces the lives of the inhabitants of Long Island, Co Cork, looking at the day-to-day concerns, activities and memories of these individuals, most of whom were born on the island.

I worked on post-production on the film as Sound Editor and Mixer.  The film was premiered in May 2014 at the Fastnet Film Festival.  Also cut from related footage was an associated complimentary short film “The Polling Station”.

The Polling Station was shortlisted for Best Documentary at the Fastnet Short Film Festival Competition 2014.

UPDATE The Polling Station got a mention in the Telegraph:

French for Cartridge – We Humans

July 15, 2013


Last night was the launch of another project in which I had a small hand.  French for Cartridge’s new album ‘We Humans’ was released at a fun-fair themed party at St Augustine’s Tower, Hackney.

I recorded some brass parts for the album in the Henry Wood Room at St Sepulchre last year, and the finished album is a beautiful atonal-pop record, oozing with beautiful yet unconventional instrumentation (amongst others, Handbell Trio, Brass Quartet and the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra!) Continue reading

Blossom Street – Down by the Sea

July 1, 2013

Down By The SeaA CD  I engineered and produced for chamber choir Blossom Street has just been released on Naxos.  This disc is a beautiful collection of British folk songs, and includes both well know classics, lesser known gems, and works newly commissioned for the disc.  More information can be found on the Naxos website: and it can be purchased now both on CD and from most digital distributors.  

Stimmung at the Brighton Fringe

May 20, 2013

Stimmung Stochkausen I have just got back from the Brighton fringe where I was part of a performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Stimmung.  Stimmung (‘Tuning’) is for six amplified voices that through the shifting and transformation of a single chanted chord takes listeners through a meditative journey inspired by the Mayan landscape, suffused with symbolism and erotic poetry.

I was originally with performances by Intimate Voices in 2007/8 at Goldsmiths College, The British Library and the Lower Machen Festival.  At this time, I was engineering the 6 channel playback of the performers.  For this new performance however, I was invited to also perform the Tenor 1 part.   Continue reading

Sleep, Holy Babe Chart Success

January 15, 2012

572868bk Carols US_572868bk CarolsSleep, Holy Babe which was released before Christmas, made it to number 13 in the christmas classical chart! This is quite an achievement at a time of year which is traditionally very competitive in the CD market.

What’s more, the recording was recognised by Classic FM as one of their ‘Christmas CD’s of the Year’.

Congratulations to Blossom Street and Shorter House, and many thanks for asking Panphonic to engineer this brilliant disc.


Pegasus on the BBC

December 17, 2010

Last Saturday’s Episode of Radio 3’s The Choir, featured carols from Shorter House’s new christmas anthology, ‘Sleep, Holy Babe’ sung by Pegasus and recorded specially for the BBC by Panphonic.